Dunvilles – 1808 – Dick Mack’s Brewhouse Honey & Hemp IPA Cask Finish – 50ml Sample*


Dunvilles – 1808 – Dick Mack’s Brewhouse Honey & Hemp IPA Cask Finish – A modern blend of Malt and Grain whiskey finished for over two years in Honey & Hemp IPA casks that impart notes of honeycomb, almond & pine and lemon drops on the finish. ABV 46%

*All samples are rebottled/labelled in our own 50ml bottles and packed into Dick Mack’s branded packaging.

**Photographs used are for illustration purposes only.




Two bourbon casks were filled with our specially brewed Honey & Hemp IPA on October 02 2019. Both casks were disgorged on July 29 2020. They were then filled with an Echlinville high malt content blend of 5yr malt and grain whiskey in August 2020 and one was disgorged in Jan 2024 and the abv reduced to 46%. This was then bottled on Jan 18 2024 making this one of Echlinville’s oldest releases of some of their own whiskey at almost 9 years. This whiskey won a gold medal at the Irish Whiskey Awards in November 2023 and two silver medals at the World Drinks Awards in London in 2023 and 2024 in the Irish Blended Whiskey category.

This whiskey will be the first in the new series of 1808 bottled & bond series from the distillery and which will have global releases.
As usual, and in keeping with our policy of previous years, we will be offering this whiskey primarily to whiskey societies to try to ensure that true whiskey enthusiasts have an opportunity to try our latest whiskey.
We at Dick Macks are extremely honoured, privileged and delighted that Echlinville distillery in Newtownards agreed to collaborate with us on this very special whiskey and we are very grateful to them for doing so. We wish to thank Shane, Jarlath, Stephen and everyone else there who helped to make this possible.
Given that Dick Macks Pub is 125 years old this year, this will be the first of a few whiskeys that we hope to launch to commemorate this very special and unique occasion.