Dick Mack’s 1st Official Bottling, from the Dingle Distillery 50ml Sample*


The first official release from Dick Mack’s Pub. Spending its first four and a half years in a bourbon cask, this whiskey was then transferred into a marsala cask to be aged for a further three years. ABV 57.5%

*All samples are rebottled/labelled in our own 50ml bottles and packed into Dick Mack’s branded packaging.

**Photographs used are for illustration purposes only.




This Irish whiskey, brought to you by a group of friends in Dick Mack’s pub and Dingle distillery is the culmination of a journey celebrating friendship, patience, perseverance and an attention to detail.

Spending its first four years and six months in a bourbon cask, this whiskey was then transferred into a marsala cask to be further aged for three years, producing Dingle whiskey with a twist. The marsala barrel originated from Cantine Florio, one of the oldest wineries in southern Italy thus becoming the very first Dingle whiskey to be finished in such a cask.

On careful examination of our new label, one can see the careful thought and detail which celebrate and encapsulate just what is unique about Dick Mack’s pub.

Of course, we are grateful to many people who assisted us in bringing this whiskey to you and wish to thank the following;

The late Mary Ferriter and Oliver Hughes who allowed us the freedom to pursue our dreams and obtain a cask of whiskey distilled in our home town of Dingle.

Bernard Walsh to whom we turned for guidance and advice from time to time and who was generous enough to compose our tasting notes for us.

The team at AK Graphics who have done such a terrific job with designing our new livery which will adorn all of our bottlings going forward into the future.

We hope that you enjoy and spread the word.

As you like it!

The Dick Mack’s team

Full Tasting Notes, by Bernard Walsh Esq.

This whiskey has taken almost 8 years to get to you so I recommend you leave it sit and rest for a few mins in a glass before you approach, it deserves this final request.

For me this whiskey has been crafted by a distiller who is unrestrained by past glories, a cut as wide as the Dingle Peninsula, bringing new notes that only come with unrestrained youth & carefree ness that is not shackled by the past.

This whiskey has a beautiful natural colour reflective of a mountain stream panned for gold over the Conor Pass.

On the nose a gentle candied sweetness and distinctive maltiness.

Palate: The sweetness seems to rim the top of the glass with first sips breaking thru delivering waves of spicy notes of clove & ginger, followed by hints of juniper & balanced by a richness of the marsala cask giving it a wonderful rich & spicy mouthfeel .

The Finish is pleasingly long like the peninsula leaving behind distinctive herbal & earthy notes.