“From A Jack To A King” Limited Edition Signed Prints


“From A Jack To A King” Limited Edition Signed Prints.

Scanned by Copperhouse, Dublin and printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

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“From A Jack To A King”

Oliver – Proprietor of Dick Mack’s Pub, in all his finery, relaxing by the fire, smoking, having a drink as he enjoys the warmth. Going through a difficult period in that time, he would still dress to the extravagance and elegance for which he has become famous.

While snoozing between drags of his cigarette, I ceased the opportunity for a sneaky photo of Oliver in one of those moments. After 45 minutes of silence, apart from the snap, crackle and pop of the fire, Oliver awoke from a snooze to take a drag of his cigarette and exclaimed, “Billy, you talk too much!”

“From A Jack To A King”, a song that reverberates through my head from Oliver sporadically breaking into the chorus. That song lives in my head because of Oliver, not Elvis.

William Anthony O’Brien aka Billy

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Large 24 x 40 Inches, Small 17 x 24 Inches